2018 DVG America Order Page

Please note:  All video was done by volunteers for this event. Without them, there would have been no video at all. My HUGE thanks to Ron Byers, Dan Beitelschies, Virginia Hunter, Kathy Foster and Jeanita Davis for standing out there in the cold and making sure we had video available!

Competitor Name

Ala-carte prices

$20.00 each or 12 for $100.00

(Please contact me directly to order)  shelly@shellshots.com

Full Media Package Includes

This package will include your selected images and high resolution video on USB, which will be mailed to you. A link to download video will be emailed.

All pre-ordered packages will receive priority handling and will be first on the list for editing and delivery)

Full media package is $105.00 (You will be able to select your images after the event)