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Paracord lanyard for ecollar remote or other training tools.

Each standard lanyard is $5.00 with 3.50 shipping.

Buy 3 lanyards and I’ll ship First class mail for free!

Tired of that boring black? Can’t tell your remote from the other club members? Do you lose the remote as it seems to become invisible when you lay it down?  

Order a custom lanyard! Most any color is available, and there are tons of charms and beads. You can choose beads with your name, or your dog’s name.

Each lanyard ordered includes choice of one color paracord, one charm or bead, or one name. Additional beads or charms or names can be ordered for a small charge.

Feel free to contact me by email or on Facebook for custom orders!

Replace that boring black!

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Color(s) desired?
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Custom Paracord Lanyards

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