For a successful shoot, we need your dog to be willing to jump or run fast to get the best images.  Hopefully we’ll have some volunteers to help stage dogs if we need them

Be prepared, it's a very messy process.. LOL.  

The powder is non toxic and washes out, but can stain hair and clothing.

Bring towels and a brush for your dog if you want to remove some of the powder before they load back up in the vehicle. (Vacuuming and shampooing will remove most of the color, but some may remain on light colored fur.) Word is that Soft Scrub with Bleach will remove color from your hands.

Times are VERY loosely scheduled. Please come early if possible and watch the dogs ahead of you..

Session price includes your choice of color(s) powders, and 3-4 fully edited digital images from the session.

Prints and wall décor are available for purchase as well.

Contact me for your preferred time slot!